Hi All! I'm so happy you found me. My name is Julia although, my friends and family call me Jules. I currently live in good ol LaLa Land. I am a wedding and events coordinator, salon manager, and beauty enthusiast. I've been wanting to start a style and beauty blog for some time now and decided to just sit down and do it! I believe if there is something you want to do - you should really get out there and do it. Growing up with Disney at a young age really instilled my "dreams come true" motto in life. I'm still a Disney fanatic and no apologies for it! I believe in magic and leaving a little pixie dust everywhere you go.

I have a love for makeup and beauty products....ok maybe it is an obsession. It started when I was young, I'd be over at my grandma's house going through her makeup- seeing what I could get into. The makeup item that always stood out to me was her lipsticks. She mostly wore corals and oranges. She never left the house without applying it and after any meal she'd re-apply! I distinctly remember the smells of her lipsticks- whenever I smell a Rimmel lipstick it takes me back to those days. I just had to play with them. My interest in beauty and makeup has always been apart of me. About two years ago I discovered YouTube and learned there was a whole world of makeup tutorials on it. I literally sit in bed at night and watch YouTube makeup tutorials all.the.time. It's become my nightly ritual. I want to try everything in the beauty industry. If it will plump up my lips, make my skin glow, firm my face- hand it on over.

Fashion has always been one of my passions. It's just one of those things, when you look good - you feel good. I believe shoes and lipstick are a girls best accessory. I've always taken the time to get dressed in the mornings in a way I feel put together. It is something I enjoy doing! I remember in high school someone told me - "you know once you get to college, you won't care what you're wearing anymore". Actually! I did care- college didn't stop me from putting myself together and neither does my life today. I'll take a good outfit any day and anywhere. Always dress like you've got somewhere better to be after. 

Photo Cred: Ellamar Photography

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