Wednesday, January 11, 2017


It's finally been cold enough to wear some winter clothes for California! I'm really enjoying this long cozy cardigan I found at Old Navy. I love the blush color! Old Navy really has some good classic pieces for your wardrobe at affordable prices. The choker I'm wearing is from Forever21. I haven't seen too many chokers with the rhinestones so I saw it and immediately fell in love. It has clear and blush rhinestones and it's ridiculously affordable. If you are looking for some chokers - Forever21 is definitely the place to find them. They have a whole wall of chokers. 

I've decided the whole "schedule" for blogging right now isn't in my cards. Ya'll don't need to hear my busy life story so I won't bore you with it. Long story short is - my blog is a fun outlet for me. I will post when I have some extra free time to do so. I want this to be fun - not a job! Enjoy my random posts about beauty, clothes, makeup, skin care, party planning/decor when they come :) 

Thanks for stopping by and continuing to follow along with me! 


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