Friday, September 23, 2016


I'm sure a lot of you saw my post on Instagram that I had gotten a few things from Nurse Jamie. One of the items I got was her Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow. I thought I'd give you guys a review! First off, this product sounds a little gimmicky- a $70 pillow that delays aging...really- who's going to spend their money on that? Welp- me! I thought it sounded kind of amazing and wanted to give it a try. I love Nurse Jamie's whole concept. She's a total boss babe and is super successful with her company. She probably doesn't remember me but, I had the pleasure of working on her wedding way back when. I was just starting out interning for a wedding planner. I remember them having a B-12 shot cart at their wedding for their guests ha! It was a beautiful wedding over looking the Pacific Ocean. Now years later I'm obsessed with her product range and love Beauty Park. If you've never heard of Beauty Park and "Nurse Jamie" you should totally look her up! She owns this beautiful medical spa in Santa Monica and she also has a product line. You can go to the Beauty Park website here and her products can be found here.

The Beauty Bear comes in a few different colors- her signature purple, black, white, and leopard. I got the leopard one. It is a U-shaped pillow which cradles your neck and the side of your face when sleeping. This pillow fights wrinkles while you sleep. I have not woken up with sleep lines on my face since sleeping with the Beauty Bear. The pillow has a satin pillow case which is gentle on your skin and really good for your hair. Satin pillow cases are said to reduce frizzing and prolong your hair styles. I find this pillow is extra comfy to watch TV with - you'll find me laying down right before bed with my neck positioned perfectly in this pillow catching up on The Real Housewives ;) I would imagine the Beauty Bear is also really ideal for plane travel. It's pretty small and compact. The only thing I would say I would change is I would have the U on each end of the pillow. I flip flop when I sleep and if I flip to the other side (without also flipping the beauty bear) then my face is no longer placed right in that U shape to prevent those wrinkles! I continue to sleep with the Beauty Bear at night and consider it a prize possession. I try to keep it out of reach of my pup so it stays extra clean! It is convenient because she does sell the pillow cases separate so you can replace after awhile. You should pick one up for yourself! They offer 10% off if you sign up for their mailing list.

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