Friday, September 2, 2016


Today I'm talking about my top choices from Glossier! Really digging this brand and wanted to share some good finds// 

BOY BROW // I can't go a day without this stuff! I always always apply it on top of my brows after filling in my brows with my Anastasia brow definer or brow wiz to finish them off. Boy brow just adds the perfect amount of texture and color to my brows. It also helps to keep my brow hairs in place all day without flaking or getting stiff. Boy brow is a wax texture and looks really natural on your brows. It just really adds that oomph to polished brows! I use the blonde one.

MILKY JELLY CLEANSER // this cleanser is so gentle on your skin. It feels very gel like and is nice and cool when you apply it onto your face. I often will dampen my face and then use my clarisonic on my skin to cleanse my face with this milky jelly cleanser. It can be used on dry skin as well to really help remove makeup and grime from the day. I like using this in the morning or at night time (I don't really have a preference). It is interesting because this cleanser is made with the same gentle cleansing agents you'd find in your contact lens solution so it's safe to use on your eyes. If you have sensitive skin and are looking for a really gentle but effective face cleanser I would highly recommend! 

BALM DOT COM // this product really is the balm dot com! I loveeee it. Every single morning after I finish my face routine I will apply this balm to my lips. It is so nourishing and has long lasting moisture.  I use the plain balm dot com but it also comes in a few flavors that sound super appealing to me- my next order might have to be flavored ;) There is a mint, coconut, rose, or cherry balm. 

PRIMING MOISTURIZER // is a very light weight moisturizer and perfect to give your skin a fresh start to the day. I use it in the mornings when I wake up after toning my skin. This product creates a good canvas for your face before applying makeup. I really enjoy this moisturizer because it feels creamy on the skin and not oily at all. Glossier's moisturizer is also said to help blur imperfections on your skin which is a plus. If you are looking for a thick moisturizer this isn't for you but as a simple everyday moisturizer before makeup - this product is perfect.

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