Monday, August 8, 2016


There are soooo many different "lip plumpers" out there on the market. Today I'm sharing the ones I've tried and the hits and misses. I'll start with the misses - GrandeLips Hydrating Lip Plumper is probably my least favorite out of the five products. It just didn't really do much of anything! The product says it is supposed to plump your lips within 3-5 mins and leave them plump for hours. To be honest, it didn't! Also, the packaging on this product is terrible. I couldn't tell which was the top that you open for the gloss to come out and which is the bottom to twist for product to come out. I opened the wrong end multiple times eventually pulling apart the product on accident. So this is a pass for me. The other one that was just so- so is GlamGlow's Plumprageous Lip Treatment - I have the Matte one. I do think it is cool how you can purchase a matte or a gloss treatment. I'm very fond of the GlamGlow product line so this product disappointed me a little bit. It is a nice base and helps to prime your lips for lipstick but it didn't plump my lips very much. The packaging on this one is a little strange as well. They made it look like an actual "lip injector"- the top of the product twists up and then you pull it out. It is easy to just want to pull it out without twisting- did that whoooops! I like the cool peppermint smell and feel on the lips. I just wish it plumped a bit more! 

Now- on to the hits! I'm loving Dior's Lip Maximizer. I have the light pink one and I often will apply it to my lips while I'm doing the rest of my makeup and let it sink into my lips then dab it off and apply my lipstick. Or I will apply a dab of this gloss in the center of lips on top of my lipstick to create an even fuller lip. This product really helps to smooth out the lines on my lips and has a tingly peppermint feeling on the lips. I also really enjoy Too Faced Lip Injection Color Bomb. I have the "Bee Sting" one. I think they upgraded the formula from when I purchased mine. Mine is more of a "chubby stick" vs. a lipgloss. It really does feel like a bee sting on your lips after you apply it. I feel like that's how I know it is working though! It makes my lips feel bigger and plump. My all time favorite and winner of this bunch is Soap & Glory's Pillow Plump XXL in Coy Toy. This is a squeeze tube gloss and the color is a hint of pink leaning more towards a nude. This product makes your lips tingle for sure! It is the weirdest feeling. I'm wearing it above in my after picture. It makes my top lip look more plump. My lips feel bigger and juicier when wearing this product. I love it! 

I hope this post helps you if you are looking for a new lip plumper without getting actual injections ;) If you have any recommendations on a lip plumper that you love leave suggestions below in the comments! I'd love to hear from you and to try some new ones out. 

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  1. funny, pillow plump is now my fav too!!!!

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    1. Thank you @Faiza Shafi! This means a lot.