Wednesday, August 3, 2016




This past Saturday I got Lash Extensions done by Linda at The Best Little Hair House and I'm really enjoying them! They look and feel very natural- most of my close friends can't really even tell I had them done and I like that because I didn't want them to look fake. I already have pretty long lashes so she used the longest lashes she could! I can tell that my lashes are longer and a little fuller, especially when I put mascara on! I love how they look without mascara too, I feel like my eyes look a little more awake when I have no makeup on with the lash extensions. 

The process of getting them done was a little weird with the tape because she had to tape down my bottom lashes so they don't get stuck on the glue. Makes sense -but it feels a little freaky! Don't worry, it doesn't rip off your lashes either when she takes off the tape at the end. She used Sable lashes on me- they are individual pieces that she glues onto your lashes (not on your actual lash line which is cool because you can't even tell you have some "fake" lashes on!) You keep your eyes shut for a good amount of time so schedule this appointment when you feel like you need to just relax, lay flat, and get some shut eye! I highly recommend :) 

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