Friday, July 1, 2016


I've been so scared of self tanning but thanks to Shaaanxo and Jaclyn Hill I decided to try out Loving Tan the 2 hr Express in Dark. It is a self tanning mousse -which to me is the less scary option out of the lotions and sprays out there. My worst fear is turning orange from fake tanner or sitting down and rubbing off orange product behind me. Luckily, neither of these things have happened to me with Loving Tan. I've gotten a natural looking tan each time I've used this product and I'm fairly pale skinned. Below I've listed out my self tanning steps (it is a process let me warn you!) -  

STEP 1 - Shower, Shave, and Exfoliate - get all that dead skin off and prep your skin for the self tanner! I cleanse my skin with a soap and a loofah to gently exfoliate. Then I shave and exfoliate - I love the body scrubs from Bath and Body Works to exfoliate my skin. Right now I'm using a coconut one because I'm obsessed with anything coconut scented. 

STEP 2 - Pat my skin dry - I would normally put on lotion as soon as I step out of the shower but in order for the tanner to stick better I leave my skin dry. 

STEP 3 - Rub body butter on the areas that bend and move a lot ;) - I apply body butter on my wrists, elbows, knee caps, and ankles. It's hard to blend here so this makes for a cleaner application.

STEP 4 - I apply the mousse with a glove like this one. This helps for a streak free application. Put on the glove - pump 2-3 pumps of Loving Tan directly onto glove and rub into skin. I usually start with my legs then work my way up - getting more product as needed. I use my Real Techniques buffer brush to help blend the areas that I applied body butter to. I also use my buffer brush to apply some mousse to my face and neck. 

STEP 5 - Wash your hands and sit and relax for two hours!  (or not - God knows I won't do that) Answer some emails, catch up on the news, read a book, watch some youtube videos ;)....whatever floats your boat! I recommend staying in your house though as you will look scary, especially your face. 

STEP 6 - Rinse off in the shower. I usually will wash my face a little earlier than the 2 hour mark because I don't want it getting too dark. At the 2 hour mark I'll get in the shower and use soap to rinse off my body. Your shower will turn a little brown with the product washing off but that is OK - your skin is left looking NATURALLY tan and that's the goal!! 

Before // 

After //

My tan usually lasts a couple days with Loving Tan. I love this product! I've tried lotion self tanners and they are always so messy and leave my skin streaky. Loving Tan doesn't leave you with that fake tanning smell either. I definitely recommend this one! 
Happy (fake) tanning! 



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