Monday, July 25, 2016


Happy Monday! Today is about my favorite lip liners. These are mainly drug store and a couple high end. I really notice my lips look fuller and the color lasts longer if I use a lip liner before applying lipstick. I love how I can overdraw my lips just a tad and perfect their shape with lip liner. Honestly, my all time favorite right now is the Essence liners. You can find them at Target or Ulta and they are only $1.99! I highly recommend these. I use the Rimmel moisture renew clear lip liner sparingly but it is handy when I want to make sure a bold lipstick doesn't bleed on the outside of my lips. All of these lip liners are really pigmented and last for a long period of time. I like how stiff they are so when I sharpen my pencil I can really get a defined line. Always sharpen your pencil before lining your lips! It will be so much easier and quicker. 
How cute is this coffee mug by the way?! I found it on Etsy and am obsessed! I don't really use it for coffee though because I like my coffee mugs HUGE and this one is tiny. You can order it in a bigger size though! It's linked HERE. They have sooo many cute designs. I just love coffee mugs. I'm certainly a collector of them ;) 

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