Thursday, July 7, 2016


We started carrying Unite hair care products in the salon I work at so I thought I'd write a first impression on some of their products I've tried so far. The product line is pretty big so these are just a few of the products that really intrigued me. 

The U Luxury Pearl & Honey Shampoo and Conditioner. Ohhhh myyyyy goodness - is it LUXURIOUS. I'm not going to lie, the name "pearl & honey" was what sold me at first sight. They smell delicious and are made up of crushed pearl, Hawaiian white honey, and pure argan oil. Both the shampoo and conditioner feel super creamy and look like crushed liquidized pearls in your hands. With the shampoo as soon as I rinsed it out of my hair, my hair instantly felt squeaky clean (literally squeaky). I applied a few pumps of conditioner and let it sit in my hair for a couple minutes. When I washed out the conditioner my hair felt like silk. My hair feels super nourished and soft now after using the shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner also is great because it contains thermal and UV protection for your hair. The U Luxury Pearl & Honey products are a bit pricey but after just one use - I would consider them way worth it. These products are for someone looking to replenish and heal their hair as well as indulge in a super luxurious hair product. These can be used on all hair types. You've got to smell them...

I also tried the Unite 7Seconds Condition Leave in Detangler - it is a spray on conditioner. This product has a really fine mist that covers a good amount of hair when sprayed. The scent reminds me of summertime freshness. I sprayed it on my damp hair about 6 times after a shower and brushed through my hair with my Wet Brush. They are not lying when they say it "instantly detangles hair" because it did! Brushing through my hair was so easy and smooth. This leave in has a little bit of protein in it and helps to repair damaged hair. It also has UV and thermal protection. 

The U Oil is another really awesome product from Unite. It is really potent, so for fine hair you really only need one pump. It feels very gel like in your hands and lightweight on your hair. I love that it is pretty much a clear oil for my blonde hair - with the Moroccan Oil I sometimes worry if I use it too much it will turn my hair more yellowy. I used the oil on my hair damp and on it dry. When my hair was dry it left my hair instantly shiny and helped to tame any fly aways. I used one pump. The oil helps to seal your hair cuticles as well. When my hair was damp, the oil helped to cut my blow drying time down which is always great in my book. I hate blow drying my hair! 
The Texturiza Spray might be my favorite so far. I love my hair when it looks full of volume and a little messy when curled. This dry spray totally amps up your hair. It made my hair feel and look so much fuller, plus it is workable and didn't leave my hair feeling crunchy. I love it!

You can find these products sold at The Best Little Hair House, Simi Valley CA. There is also a summer special going on that if you spend $75 in Unite products (buying about three products) you'll get a summer travel bag with a FREE regular size U Oil and 7Seconds Condition Leave in Detangler! 

My first impression of these Unite products is AMAZING. I'm in! With the exception of the Pearl & Honey Shampoo and Conditioner - Unite is cruelty-free and PETA certified which I love! I'll keep you posted on other products I try from the line. 

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