Wednesday, July 27, 2016


My closet was the worst! I just jammed everything in it wherever I could find a place. My girlfriend Mel is the craftiest of crafties and the best organizer around. When she told me she wants to get into closet organization I told her to have at it (knowing it might be an impossible task)! I have a super small space and a ton of clothing. I knew I just needed a better way to organize it all and Mel was the answer. Here are the before pictures.......don't worry, I'm cringing too. 

This was a three-day long project, well for me. Mel started earlier by braining storming before actually coming in and tackling it. She took the dimensions of my closet and had me count how many pairs of shoes and purses I had. She created diagrams and she went to the Container Store to find some helpful organizing tools. We started this project by taking out everything, cleaning my closet, and getting rid of A LOT. Mel and my other girlfriend, Kaitlyn, were there for this process. We've been friends for ages so they know me like the back of their hand and they know my wardrobe and what I've had forever. It was a wine and clean out night. I feel I got rid of a good amount of clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. I donated it to my cousin's and the Goodwill! 

After getting rid of bunches of items Mel decided it was best to raise up my wire shelf to sit higher on the wall and get rid of the little one on the side wall. This created a bit more room for me to actually look through my clothes and my long dresses are not dangling on the floor now. Mel took out the longer wire shelf that was under my window and replaced it with wood shelving that is now used for my shoes and jewelry. She also got three bins for my clutches, scarves, hats, and sweaters and put them on the very top of the shelf. The white bins are from Target. 

These shelves are pieces of wood we bought from Lowes and installed ourselves. 

Mel found some shoe organizers from the Container Store - The plastic boxes are meant for a pair of heels to showcase but we fit a few pairs of flats in each. We used THESE clear shoe drawers and THESE.

Clear jewelry organizers- Home Goods (Home Goods ALWAYS has the best stuff) // White Shelves - Target 

I'm super happy with my new closet! Mel did a great job. I feel more organized in my closet now and I can see what I have better. Plus, I had to make room for my Nordstrom Anniversary sale items ;) If you haven't seen my post with all my top picks from the sale check it out HERE

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