Thursday, June 9, 2016




It's time for some beachy waves not only on the sand but also in your hair! I absolutely love the beachy wave look. I like my curls a little messy and not so 'put together' and smooth. I created these waves by using the Nume 25mm curling wand first and then going over and pulling some pieces out and curling them with the Nume pearl curling wand. I have the Nume Lustrum set with 5 interchangeable wands and I'm obsessed with it! This set is definitely worth the investment - normally this set is $249 but I've found it HERE for half the price. Nume always has discount codes and sales happening so keep an eye out for those as well. This set comes with a heat resistant glove which comes in handy because these wands heat up quick! I pictured the "Reverse" wand above as well because it is another wand you could use for beachy curls. It is the wand that goes from wider to smaller. I also spritzed some of Redken's Fashion Waves 07 texturizing sea spray in my hair once it was curled. I love this stuff. It smells like salty beach water mixed with tropical sunscreen and has the perfect evenly fine mist. Once you spray it in your hair you just scrunch up a bit to make your curls look more texturized and beachy. It doesn't feel crunchy in your hair which is nice. This texturizing spray is also sold at The Best Little Hair House in Simi Valley! I highly recommend this spray if you are looking to achieve that beach hair look. It finishes your hair off with the perfect amount of messy texture. Oh yes, I'm wearing NARS lipgloss in 'Chelsea Girls' on my lips :)

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