Monday, June 20, 2016


LASHES PLEASE. I don't know about you but I want long full lashes on the daily without having to apply falsies. I've rounded up my favorite mascaras at the moment for this Makeup Monday. I have a mix of high and low options. I do use different mascara on my bottom lashes because I've found these do not smudge onto my skin throughout the day. For my bottom lashes I really enjoy Rimmel's Lash Accelerator and Clinique's Bottom lash mascara. The lash accelerator wand is longer and when I'm in a hurry and just want to swipe on mascara I use this one - the clinique bottom lash mascara has a teeny wand perfect for grabbing those little bottom lashes. It takes a bit longer to apply but it is a very neat application, I don't tend to make a mess on my skin with the clinique mascara. If any mascara does get on my skin when applying - I wait for it to dry and then it just flakes right off with a q tip or one of my eye makeup brushes. 

For my top lashes I alternate mascaras depending how I feel that day. Loreal Voluminous Original and Covergirl The Super Sizer are my favorite drugstore mascaras. The Voluminous mascara really helps to make my lashes look fuller - it is a thickening mascara. The wand is full and straight. Covergirl's The Super Sizer helps to lengthen and extend my lashes. This mascara really helps to separate my lashes making them look longer. The formula is a bit thinner on the super sizer and the wand goes from big to a little smaller on one end. I sometimes will use both the Voluminous and Super Sizer together on my lashes (letting it dry in between coats) to get full luscious lashes. All of these mascaras are super pigmented and black. The blacker the mascara the more your eyes stand out. My favorite high end mascara is Dior's Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara. I love how this curls my lashes and thickens their appearance. This mascara has a thicker formula and the wand is really full with a bend to it. It is super luxiourious and totally worth the splurge. I always curl my lashes before applying any mascara as well to help with that curl! I like Tarte's Lash Curler. It seems to really curl my lashes compared to others I have tried. Another side note- you should throw away any mascara after 6 months! Time for some new mascara at that point- no need for an eye infection ;) 

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