Friday, June 17, 2016


I mean - I'll take some CHAMPS any day, any time - but today I'm talking about SHAMPS aka my favorite shampoos at the moment. I bleach my hair often so I try my best to take care of my hair. I switch off between these shampoos depending on my hair that day. If I'm feeling like my hair needs some extra attention I'll use my Redken Extreme Shampoo. This shampoo is meant to strengthen your hair and reduce breakage. I use it when I feel like my hair is needing some more protein. On most days when I feel like my hair is feeling 'normal' I'll use either Redken All Soft or Blonde Sexy Hair. The All Soft has argan oil in it and helps with dry hair. It is a gentle cleanser and I notice it helps to replenish the moisture in my hair leaving it looking and feeling soft.  I love love love the smell of the All Soft also. Blonde Sexy Hair Bombshell Blonde shampoo is made specifically for blondes. It is sulfate free and also helps to hydrate your hair. It is made with chamomile which helps to enhance the vibrancy of your blonde. Blonde Sexy Hair also makes a purple shampoo (great for us blondes)! I use my Pravana "The Perfect Blonde" purple shampoo when I'm feeling brassy. It helps to tone my hair down so it looks more like an ashy blonde. It is very potent so you have to use a small amount and do not let it sit on your hair for too long. It is literally purple shampoo so your shower turns purple when using this! I hope this post helps out some of you with your shampoo choices! They are all sold at The Best Little Hair House as well as linked above :) Also - side note - when shampooing your hair, focus mainly at the root and really scrub to get a good cleanse! 

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