Monday, May 30, 2016


Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all of our vets - you are appreciated. I hope many of you get to relax today and enjoy some time off. 

Today is also Makeup Monday in my world and I'm talking all about the original beautyblender. This is by far the BEST way to apply foundation. The sponge is so soft and bouncy it makes for the perfect application. It works best when damp. What I do is run my beautyblender under my faucet for a couple seconds, squeezing it occasionally, and then squeeze out the extra water with a clean paper towel or face cloth so the sponge is left damp. By getting it wet the sponge grows twice its size and small amounts of water sit in the sponge which prevents the sponge from absorbing up your product. When using the beautyblender for foundation - application goes so quick! You just bounce the sponge up and down and blend in the product. It leaves your face streak free and makes your foundation blend into your skin like it is just your skin ;)   

You can also use the beautyblender to apply primers, powders, or other cream products like blush or bronzer - I've used it to "bake" under my eyes. The small neon green beautyblender isn't my favorite out of these three - it is just a tad too small. I thought it would be great for applying concealer under my eyes but it is hard to grip! HOWEVER- I do think it is great to use to bake under your eyes! I use Laura Mercier Translucent Powder and pat the in it and use the sponge to apply the powder under my eyes and let it sit for a few before dusting it off. The is great for getting the inner corner of your eye. I want to try it for highlighting because I hear it is great for that too! 

The black beautyblender pro is my fav out of these three. I find that it grows a bit larger when wet and it is bouncier. Plus it hides product a little better- it doesn't look dirty as quickly as the pink one. I know that might not be a good thing ;) Speaking of dirty - I use the beautyblender beautycleanser solid to clean my blenders. It is like magic! I try to clean my sponges often - not as often as I should but I'm working on it! This cleanser removes any germs or residue left on your sponge plus it is make specifically for beautyblender so it helps to keep the integrity of the sponge. It smells link a hint of lavender which I enjoy too. 

If you want a flawless application for foundation - I suggest you try the beautyblender if you haven't already! I linked them all here - the original beautyblender, beautyblender pro, micro mini, and here is the beautycleanser solid.  

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