Monday, May 23, 2016


Happy Makeup Monday :) I have to say this is my favorite look when doing makeup. I loooveee a good cat eye flick. Now, that being said - I don't actually like drawing on the wings themselves because it takes some concentration and it's always a little hard to get the wings even on each eye. They are sisters - not twins! 

I've learned a few tricks by doing this so many times. I wear a wing pretty much everyday of my life - unless I feel too lazy to draw them ;) Trick #1 - get a good felt tip eyeliner with a sharp point. My all time favorite is Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper - linked HERE. It is by far the easiest and the blackest felt tip liner I have tried. It also lasts all day long - no joke! The brush is flexible but not too flexible that you can't get a sharp point. I love this liner so much, I will always have one in my makeup collection. I tried Kat Von D's Ink Liner and did not care for it. The brush was too stiff for me and I always had a hard time drawing on the flick, they would turn out way too thick. Trick #2 - draw on the liner on the top of your eyelid first on both eyes and do the flick after. I like to use NYC's liquid eyeliner in black to draw on my lash line. I mainly do this if I'm in a hurry because it is so quick and easy. The brush just glides on and with one swipe you are pretty much good to go, it applies just the right amount of product. It's also great because it's $3 at Target - linked HERE. After drawing on my lash line on both eyes, I'll go back in with the Tattoo Liner and draw on my flicks. Trick #3 - draw the flick starting with the bottom, draw out away from your eye then do the top creating a little triangle which you then color in. 

I also will sometimes reach for Inglot's Eyeliner Gel in 77 - linked HERE. It is so creamy and smooth that it makes for an easy application, plus the eyeliner does not transfer on the top of my eyelid throughout the day like others have done to me before and no one likes that! I"ll apply it using either Sigma's winged liner brush or Makeup Geek's bent liner brush. Both are solid options. Sigma's winged liner brush is super small and angled so it helps to create the perfect flick. Makeup Geek's bent liner brush has a bent brush head to help align with your lashline perfectly. It is a small brush that is pointed so again it's perfect for helping you create a flick. Finally trick #4 - use a pointed q-tip and some makeup remover to help sharpen the line, especially if you draw the liner on too thick this can help clean it all up.

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  1. I need to practice this one! I am so bad at the cat eye! Thanks for the tips! :)

    1. It's something to perfect- even for me too! Glad I could help a little :)