Sunday, May 8, 2016


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If you're a blonde, you've probably heard of or used purple shampoo. It's literally purple and kind of scary at first - you're like this is going all on my hair?! But don't worry..... this Pravana "The Perfect Blonde" is seriously the best I've used for toning my hair when I feel it's getting too brassy. It does make the shower turn all purple (be careful with the walls and splashing ;) I used the purple toning shampoo, purple toning conditioner, and the seal and protect leave in spray on my hair in these pictures above. The shampoo and conditioner help cleanse and brighten your blonde. The spray works as a detangler and it hydrates and enhances blonde tones. These products smell like bubble gum and I love it so much. I just want to keep spraying my hair with the leave in spray so I could keep smelling it!

I like my hair a bit more ashy beige so I typically use this regimen once a week depending how my hair is looking. If I see it getting yellowy I will use the shampoo. This line also comes with a purple toning masque. I did not use it this time because when I use the conditioner I don't use the masque in addition. I would use the masque on a day just to spruce up my blonde in place of a conditioner. It is recommended as a weekly treatment and you leave it on your hair for about 5 minutes so it can do it's magic. It replenishes brittle and dry hair. The masque is awesome for blondes. Us blondes typically do some damage to our hair with bleach so it's good to give it some love with a deep conditioning masque every now and then. This masque is extra special though because not only is it conditioning but it is also working to tone your hair as well. I definitely recommend you trying this out if you want to tone your blonde to look more ashy and less brassy yellow. It is Pravana magic!  

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