Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I don't know about you but when I go to get into bed and fall asleep at night I toss and turn forever until I can actually fall asleep. I started looking into what could help me relax at night time and I've found a few products that help me get into my "night time" mode. Now, I don't know how well they work for actually getting me to fall asleep faster but I do really enjoy the scent and I've gotten into a habit of using these and smelling the lavender before falling asleep - I feel it helps me relax...a bit ;) 
Bath and Body works Aromatherapy line is great. They are made with essential oils to help calm you and they have a variety of different kinds for different needs. I'm loving the "Sleep" line in the lavender vanilla scent. I have the pillow mist, body cream, body lotion in detoxify, sugar scrub, and body wash (not pictured). From the "Stress Relief" line I own the massage oil

The Black Chamomile body lotion is the product I'm most obsessed with. The scent is soooo good. I could sniff it all It smells a little bit like vanilla and chamomile to me. The lotion itself is really creamy and nourishing. It is supposed to help to detoxify your skin overnight. I apply it to my hands and arms before bed. I also will spritz some of the pillow mist on my pillow before sleep as well. If you haven't check out the aromatherapy line at B&B you really should! They have something for everyone whether it be for energy, sleep, stress relief, or sensual. 

I found this "cat nap" leopard sleep mask at Sephora a little bit ago but I've linked this super cute one HERE as well. I love the saying on it ;)...I do love my champagne! Every night before bed I always apply a thick balm to my lips. I have two options linked here- one is the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask linked HERE and the other is a drugstore option Aquaphor's lip repair healing ointment linked HERE. Both of these are really rich and thick in texture. I love applying one of these balms at nighttime so it really can nourish my lips overnight. Sometimes my lips will get really dry from liquid lipsticks if I wear them a lot back to back so I found that this helps. 

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