Monday, April 25, 2016


Welcome to my first Makeup Monday! On Mondays I'll bring you a new makeup item that I have been loving. Today it is Dior's 'Addict' Lip Maximizer. It comes in two different colors- Pink and Beige Sunrise. I got the pink lip maximizer which is pictured above. I'm loving it so far. It is kind of a minty scent/flavor. When you first put it on it tingles just a little - which I like personally because I feel like it's working to plump up my lips. It is said that this lip treatment stimulates collagen synthesis and restructures lips within 15 days. I'm going to keep using it for 15 days and let you know if I see a difference in my lips. From first application I noticed my lips plump up a bit, plus the glossy look enhances the full-ness of your lips. This gloss is not sticky which I like, it is a little more watery texture. I used Essence lip liner in "Wish me a Rose" to line my lips and then applied the Lip Maximizer. Essence liners are a great affordable option for lip liners. They stay put all day and are easy to apply. Stay posted for more! 
P.S. My necklace is from Forever 21 & earrings are from Nordstrom.

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  1. Jules- where do you get the liner?

    1. You can click on the link on "Essence lip liner" and it will take you straight to it! You can get Essence at any drug store- I found mine at Target.