Saturday, April 30, 2016


My lips were feeling uber chapped up the other day. I had a wedding last weekend and barely had time to throw on some chapstick all day - my lips got pretty chapped with the wind and being in the sun all day. This combo shown above saved my lips. I hate the feeling of your lips just flaking and crumbling. It makes it difficult to wear any lipstick! I am a Lush lover so my first step was to scrub my lips with Lush's Lip Scrub in Bubblegum. It is made with sugar (to exfoliate) and jojoba oil (to moisturize). This lip scrub smells so yummy - you can eat it ;) It is messy so be sure to do this over the sink. I then did a double whammy and used Skinlogics Lip Apeel. This is a combo product - the bottom opens up to this white cream called the "line peel" which exfoliates your lips. You apply the white cream (look like a freak for about 5-10 mins and let it dry) then wipe it off with a wet face towel. The line peel is also said to help minimize vertical lines around your lips. After you wipe the line peel off you apply the lip balm which is in the top part of the product. This balm is feels super nourishing- it soothes your lips. It smells fresh and fruity too which is a plus. My lips feel back to normal now - I love both of these products. They actually work! 

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